Ex moderator Facebook denounces: “we block horrible content”

Ex moderator Facebook denounces: “we block horrible content”

Many don’t know who is behind the great work of monitoring the contents of social Facebook. It isn’t as many believe that there are only machines, but there are also people. This is the story of one of these moderators who decided to denounce Facebook. Why? The moderators don’t have psychological support for what they are obliged to see every day: atrocities

When you write a post or share a photo or video on the social network, the checks you need to overcome are many. The first to verify the posts are algorithms, which by codes and keywords block the inappropriate content. In this case there is no psychological problem being a machine without feelings, but the algorithms are not alone in this work. We know that the machines are not perfect, that’s why there also people.

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Selena Scola was one of these moderators who were responsible for checking the contents before posting them on the Social. A more complicated than you think, because every day they come face to face with contents defined atrocious.

Users publish posts on physical violence, pornography, sexual violence, child pornography. Contents of hatred, racism and which instigate suicide. Destabilizing images that create serious psychological problems to all moderators who see this content several times. Moderators, in fact, often have to observe even the small details to make sure of the content. There are effects that psychiatrists have also defined similar to the post-trauma of those going to war.

Even the lawyer of Selena Scola said that Facebook goes against the law that must ensure a job that protects employees. In this way, in fact, it would lead to madness and depression those who work there.

Although in the last period the agency had guaranteed the presence of individual and / or group psychological support for the employees, the problem remains. Probably this aid is not sufficient or not sufficiently advertised within the company. What they assure again is the importance they too give to this delicate question, promising to solve the problem as soon as possible.

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