Bill Cosby of “The Robinsons” sentenced by 3-10 years in prison

We met him as the good father and the sincere smile of “The Robinson” and is now in handcuffs. This story begins in April 2018 when the first victim report sexual violence from him. A terrible event that dates back to 2004. There are at least 60 other women who have reported the actor since this April.

In September 2018 the final sentence arrives: the former dr. Robinson will serve 3 to 10 years in prison.

The judge didn’t have mercy even for the 71 years of the actor, and chose the maximum penalty required by the prosecution. According to the judge “no one is above the law” and firmly adds that it is time to punish. Cosby is in fact the first known face condemned since the Me Too movement came to life. This movement was born to give courage to all victims of violence to speak and report what happened.

While the defense demanded house arrest, the judge defines the actor as a violent sexual predator.

Mona Lisa mystery

The man literally lured his victims. The women were invited to the actor’s house on the pretext of receiving professional help from Cosby. He promised them to help them succeed on television, but what he did was very different. After offering them a drink, he put a sleeping pill in to the glass to make women lose consciousness and then sexually violating them.

An act that has left speechless the American public opinion, but not only, even all the world viewers. For those who followed “The Robinson” program it was a blow to discover the truth behind that beloved character.

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